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We've been away for a little bit...but we're back again!

Apologies for being a little quiet on the blog, pleased to report that normal service has resumed! Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been busy creating, exploring, solving problems and reflecting on their learning - 4 of the branches of our Copthill Learner Tree! Show and Tell is always enjoyed by us and the children as we are never quite sure what will be brought in! This week was no exception...Harry intrigued us all with his Da Vinci prototype of a 'flying machine'... Jamie spent some time creating a washing line with actual washing hanging .... and Heston brought in his Techni Lego rally car, which I was reliably informed had over 1000 pieces!

After school clubs are a huge success with the children and none more so than Lego club! The children mix with different year groups and work on projects without and arguments - definitely working towards the Team Player branch of the tree!

Finally, enjoying the brief hours of sunshine we had, the children created some…

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