Digging for Victory was the message of the week and the children have been busy planting vegetables for the war effort! We have been learning about rationing and realising how small the amounts of food each family received. As there was a shortage many parks in towns and cities were turned into huge vegetable patches. Hopefully we can keep a watchful eye over ours during the next few months and our lovely ladies in the kitchen may be able to rustle up something delicious!

 The Anderson sleter needed a little bit of 'make do and mend' this week and the children were let loose with sandbags. They filled them up and placed them at the front of the shelter to stop the rain getting in. Fingers crossed it works!

As already mentioned, Rationing was the topic of the week! The children were able to source their own information using chrome books and found out some fascinating facts on rationing. They had some empathy for the children of the 1940's as vegetables weren't rationed but sweets were!


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