Remembrance and Evacuees!

On Monday the Year 6 gave a moving and thought-provoking Remembrance service as we remembered those who have and still do fight to keep us safe. In Forest School, the children were able to create some wonderful clay poppies using real poppy seeds for the middle.

The long-anticipated Evacuee day finally arrived and the children were not disappointed! We were taken back 80 years to the small village of Cambourwick in 1940. Golly what a difference to their school day - the cane was administered to Dexter and Eleanor as they soaked poor Miss Peabody with the stirrup pump and that wasn't the end of Miss Peabody's misfortunes! Arabella and Oliver had to have their mouths washed out with soap and water as they called her rude names when she walked past the school! A few of the children were slightly anxious with the 1940 school system but we survived and enjoyed the afternoon of spending 2 shillings in the various shops. The greatest success was the spam sandwiches...!

What a find in Sophie's attic...a genuine 1940's nurse outfit! It was great to have Mrs McKenzie model it for the children and wonderful to see a true artifact of the 40's!


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